[REVIEW] Korean Ezn Pudding Hair Color - Ash Khaki

By Kristine Lam - July 30, 2016

 A lot has been going on lately and I've been making a lot of active changes in my life. One thing I like to do during times like this is to make crazy hair color choices. Instead of going to the salon, I decided to tackle this DIY style at home. I've tried this pudding dye previously in Lemon Blonde. I should really make a post on that before this but I'm so in love with the results from this shade!

I bought mine at a local T&T supermarket so it came with English instructions. Not sure if you will get it if you buy it online from Korean retailers!



What I really love about this hair dye is the kit it comes with - Gloves that actually fit, ear covers and even a cape! It's got you completely covered (geddit? hurhurhur)

Prep and application is pretty easy. Just pour the two liquids into the container provided and shake 20-30 times from side to side (not up and down!)

The dye's texture is like a thick gel and doesn't really drip. I have really, really thick hair and for regular box dyes I usually need two even though it's very short. However with pudding dyes, one box is actually enough with some extra left in the end! If you have medium length+thickness hair, one box should be more than enough. For long hair, I'd say get two boxes just to be safe!

The mixed dye was a very light sandy blonde color but as I applied it eventually turned to a dark blue. Work quickly!

**Sorry for the cellphone quality here, didn't want to risk getting hair dye on my DSLR :< ** 

Before - brassy brown (Ezn Pudding Hair Dye in Lemon Blonde was used previously to get this color):


I never thought I could get this color from just a box dye! I'm in LOVE with the results! It actually looks a lot more green in person. My black roots turned out to be a very neutral brown while the rest of the hair picked up so much of the green tones! If you're starting with a darker base color than I did, you would probably get less of the ashy green tones and end up with a medium ash brown.

**Quick update after a month**
 All the ash/green tones have faded and this is what the color looks like currently:

Hope you found this helpful and let me know if you have tried any other pudding hair dye colors!

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  1. This is one of my favorite box dye beside bubble hair dye. I love the fun concept and it's super easy. I never try this color but I did try the orange and red (forgot the color name) boxes and I love how the color turned out.


    1. Definitely one of the easiest hair dyes to use and great results!

  2. Never heard of this brand but I love the results on you! It gives a nice change to the conventional ash colours like blonde, greys and browns.


  3. This looks and sounds great! Although, I am disappointed that I cannot eat it. :D