[REVIEW] Peripera Peri Ink Velvet Lip Tints

By Kristine Lam - August 27, 2016

Peripera's Lip Tint's have been super popular in Korea for a while now but I never really got to them out until recently. I picked up their Peri's Ink Velvet in two shades (#1 Sellout Red and #5 Inktude Rose) and I fell in love! They are a nice matte finish (I didn't let inktude rose fully set before taking the photo so it doesn't look as matte as the other!)

Like most Korean lip tints, this stuff stains quick! The photo above was taken after blotting with a tissue twice. The remaining color has a heavy pink base for both shades.

On lip swatches for #1 Sellout Red:
As a gradient lip
 Full color

On lip swatches for #5 Inktude Rose (My fave dusty pink color at the moment!)

And a kiss transfer test:
It really doesn't transfer at all after one or two blots on your hand/tissue. No cup stains! Even though it is a matte finish, it doesn't dry out my lips too much. I like to apply a bit of lip balm on top after a few hours to freshen things up anyhow :)

If you're in the market for a matte lip tint, definitely check out this one by Peripera - highly recommended!

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  1. Those colors look absolutely great on you!! I'll be adding these lip tints to my "must look into" list :D