[NAILS] Cable Knit Sweater Nails

By Kristine Lam - October 23, 2016

Fall has officially arrived and sweater weather is in full effect right now. I wanted to keep my nails cozy by putting a sweater on them too :p

The cable knit sweater nail design was really popular last year and I never got around to trying it because I lacked the materials. I got my hands on the Presto Design Powder a few months ago. It's a really handy product if you are into 3D nail designs but don't want to deal with acrylic (I can't stand the smell of the polymer :S) You just mix the powder 1:1 with any gel color and it becomes a thicker and sculpt-able texture. I got mine from Ocean Nail Supply (link here/not sponsored)

Hope this nail design inspires you to give the knit effect a try too!

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