Sensationail Express Gel Nail

By Kristine Lam - February 06, 2017

I stumbled upon these newly released Express Gel Nails by Sensationails in Shoppers Drug Mart a week ago and decided to give it a try. I was initially attracted to the color because it resembles one of my fave shades by Nails Inc, Kensington High Street. To my dismay, the actual polish was nothing like the box :( - it is a true tomato red instead.

However, the application of this gel polish is very easy. You don't need a base or top coat for this. Just apply it like you would regular polishes and cure between coats. Two coats was enough to give a very opaque and even finish. I love how there is no tacky layer to wipe off! Perfect for those on the go. Even without a top coat, this gives a very glossy mirror finish.

At Home Gel Polish Tips: To make this express gel polish last a little longer, lightly buff the surface of your nails as prep so the gel has a rough surface to adhere to. Also remember to cap the free edge to minimize tip wear!

I didn't expect this to last as long as a full gel manicure with proper prep, base+top coat. But this wore very beautifully for a full week! Tip wear was the main issue even with the free edge capped. Minor chips began around the 5th/6th day.

Priced at $13/bottle, I think this is a great alternative for a quick salon-like manicure!

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