Bamboo Mi Underwear - Sunna Character HK

By Kristine Lam - April 25, 2017

If you haven't tried bamboo charcoal clothing garments, you're missing out! Bamboo Mi underwear by Sunna Character HK is a pantie like no other! It is made of 37% bamboo charcoal nylon, 55% spandex and 8% polyamide. 

What is Bamboo charcoal? It is an eco-friendly material with far infrared technology which offers maximum breathability and antimicrobial properties like no other. No bacteria build-up, no odor. 

I love wearing these whenever I go to the gym, or whenever I travel to humid places like Asia. The fast drying quality keeps you dry and comfortable even when you're sweating like mad!


Not only do these keep you comfortable, but they also make your bum look fab! 2-circle wing-shaped elastics centralize butt fat. This design hugs your butt within seamless circles, which support and secure the two cheeks against gravity. As a result, this keeps your bottoms round, perky and centralized. So say no to saggy and flat bums! These panties will gently lift your bottom by giving support to your bum. No extra padding needed to do the trick!

They come in two styles - boyshorts and briefs, in 6 different colors

Get a pair to try, support their Kickstarter campaign and learn more here!

**This promotional post is sponsored by Sunna Character HK**

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  1. The whole idea of this project sounds great :)