Stylenanda 3CE Mood Recipe Matte #115 Muss

By Kristine Lam - May 31, 2017

While I was in Korea in March, Stylenanda was one of my must go-to shops. Their make up collection, 3CE has been a long time favourite of mine. Their Mood Recipe Matte Lipsticks were all the hype and I decided to pick one up to try in the shade #115 Muss.

The matte finish makes this a very long lasting lipstick. Compared to other matte lipsticks I've tried, this one doesn't dry out my lips as much.

This colour worn on my lips is more of a nudey MLBB shade (photos below are just on bare lips, no concealer underneath). I was actually pleasantly surprised at how wearable this shade is!


You can get this lippie from Stylenanda Official here!

**This is not a sponsored post**
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  1. I'm loving 3CE's formula a lot! Not too drying unlike most matte lipsticks that I've tried. I think I'm now convinced to get shade #115 :)